Tuesday, 22 May 2012

DC comics character to come out of the closet

It was revealed this past weekend at Kapow! comic-con that an established DC character would come out and reveal that they are gay.

Dan Didio revealed at a panel in London that an "iconic" male CHARACTER will change his sexual orientation in the coming months.

There has been a butt-load of controversy over this decision and a whole host of hateful words being exchanged on the Internet about the change. But I ask, does it really fucking matter???!!! I mean, who actually gives a shit? It's not like we don't read about gay characters in comics anyway (or see them on tv for that matter!), so is the problem that it's an iconic character coming out rather than the b-lister heroes and villains that already exist?

I should also add that it's an iconic CHARACTER, meaning it might not even be a hero or a villain, it could be Jimmy Olsen for all you know!!

Another reveal is that it is a character who has not been included in DC's new 52 re-launch yet...so let us all quit arguing over whether it's ok to be gay, or what it could do kids who read it and focus on the fun part....guessing who it could be, then seeing who is right!

Please tell us what you think, and keep it clean and respectful of we'll kick your arse!!