Saturday, 26 November 2011

Could Booster Gold be given the Green Light?

Since Smallville ended back in May. TV companies have been looking for another Superhero show to take it's place and that show maybe be Booster Gold. Syfy channel have order a script for an hour long drama based on Booster Gold.  The script is currently being worked on by Andrew Kreisberg who has recently helped write the Latest Green Lantern movie, Fringe, Warehouse 13, The Vampire Diaries, Star Wars: The Clone wars and Red Faction: Origins. The show will also be produced by Greg Berlanti who has produced No ordinary Family and Eli Stone. 2 shows that didn't even last one season. So i don't know whether or not i trust this character being left in his hands but i could be wrong. Maybe its more then lucky that the Booster Gold we saw in Smallville will not be the same in this new show. Hopefully this show actually gets made. I just hope he ain't disco collar Booster Gold with a mullet and Skeet is actually a flying robot and not a bluetooth headset like in Smallville

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Monday, 21 November 2011

Dark Knight rises is gonna be Brutal

Some big news came out today. In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Christoper Nolan said that Bane is this film is going to be BRUTAL. Snapping neck and putting boots to asses. Nolan even went on to explain why Bane's mask if different from the mask he wears in the comics. In the film, Bane has to wear this new mask to survive. It helps him breath as he lung was damaged in a previous fight. Also Dark Knight Rises is going to be set 8 years after the events of Dark Knight and Batman ain't doing so well. So who knows what's happened to good old Bruce since then. He had even Adopted Dick Grayson. Am only joking. But i can't wait for this film and its awesomeness.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Marvel's has beheaded another 2 titles. Daken: Dark Wolverine and Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive

Am starting to think that Marvel secretly hate me. First they cancelled Iron Man 2.0, then X-23 and now they cancelled Daken: Dark Wolverine and Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive. Two titles that i was really enjoying. I just find it funny how they cancel both of Wolverine's kids books but yet Wolverine: "The best there is" is still going. One of the worst comics to hit the shelves. Well next to Neil Adam's latest Batman book. But that a story for another time. Now i can see why Black Panther is joining the Avengers and X-23 enrolling at the Avengers Academy. But what comes next for Daken? Will he some how end up with one factor of the X-men or will he end up disappearing in to the dark side of the Marvel Universe. I heard that Ghost-Rider is going to appear in a Venom centered event. I feel kinda bad for Rob Williams as this is his second book to get cancelled in a week. I wish him the best of luck.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Now Ghost Rider makes hit the Marvel Cut list

Ghost Rider has been the next title to be cancelled by Marvel. It first started off as a rumor until later it was made a official by the Writer Rob Williams who confirmed it on his Twitter page. I feel kinda bad for this title it only got up to 9 issues and they even introduced a new Female Ghost rider. I highly doubt we will ever see her again plus with the new Ghost Rider movie coming out, i have a feeling they will relaunch the title but with Johnny Blaze so new readers don't get confused. Kinda like what they did with Captain America. Well i hope the character doesn't end up like Wally West and totally disappear.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Man of Steel 2 script already being worked now???

Word buzzing around the internet is that Warner Bros are already looking for writers to work on the Sequel to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.  The rumor is that the heads of Warner Bros are very keen on the upcoming Superman film, so they wanna really push the film and make sure there is a sequel. But they say the same for the Green Lantern Movie which didn't do to good in the box office. Which is also meant to be getting a sequel. So right Warner Bros have a so called "shortlist" of writers. So only time will tell if this rumor is true or not. But i have a feeling it is. As DC might use this movie to build up to their plans for a Justice League movie which hinted to come out 2015.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Batman Beyond shall be returning with a bold new number one

It looks like DC haven't decided to get rid off Terry McGinnis. DC announced Today that Batman Beyond with be coming back in February with Adam Beechen returning as writer but the name of the title has slightly. Now it's going to be called Batman Beyond Unlimited. So basically the series will be picking up from where it left off. But wait, there is more awesome news. A new Beyond series is starting. Justice League Unlimited. Which is going to Justice League of the Future. Well the Justice League from the animated universe anyways. Which am pretty excited about as i love all the old animated universe. I only wish they actually got a cartoon but i guess the comics will do. The writer and artist for this title is going to be Dustin Nguyen who is known for his work on the last series of Batgirl and Street of Gotham. But they haven't said when this title will start. Hopefully April.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Kristen Stewart could be in the Akira movie. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

So if you haven't heard already but everybody's favourite bi-polar vampire lover Kristen Stewart aka Bella from Twilight has been ordered to play the role of main love interest Kei in Warner Bros's live action version of Akira. When i first heard this, i  had to check what month it was then i found out it wasn't the First of April and i cried a little inside. I know that the lovers of the Cult Classic Manga won't be to happy if Kristen takes the role. I really liked her to be perfectly honest. She always seem like she is drugged up but if she does take the role, i will give her a chance i guess. Maybe this can help me get the sour taste of Bella out of my mouth. But only time will tell.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Darksied new look for the New DC 52

The New DC universe will be dealing with some New God's action and the King of Evil Darksied. This week DC realesed a picture of Jim Lee's new design for the Anti Life King. Personally i like it and am glad to see Good old gray face back. He hasn't been seen since Final Crisis where he died but because of this new relaunch i don't think that happened but i can't be sure. But hopefully they ain't changed to much of Darksied's character and keep him a straight up Bad-ass.

All Hail Lord Darksied

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Marvel has cut yet another title. But now it's personal

The first couple of weeks have been pretty rough and things are getting cancelled left, right and center. Last week Marvel announced that Alpha Fight, Iron-man 2.0 (which i actually like and get each month), Herc and even Young Victor Von Doom which got cancelled before it even got released. But now another title has been axed and am sad to say it's X-23. Issue 24 will be the finally issue but don't worry, Laura will be joining the Avengers Academy. So there is some sort of silver cloud behind this bad news. Am pretty sadden by this news. I loved this series and have done since issue one and it's gonna be sad not seeing Marjorie Liu writing Laura anymore. Over the last 1 year and a bit, i think Marjorie found a voice for Laura and made her more then a cheap Wolverine knock off. Hopefully the character of X-23 doesn't fade off in to the background and never seen again. Marjorie Liu, i shall miss you

Now am gonna go and drink away the pain

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Dr Who movie in works

The hit show 'Dr Who' is currently in development by the BBC, Director David Yates (director of four Harry Potter films) told Variety magazine.

Yates says the film will take a fresh approach to the show, being different to that of Steven Moffat's and Russell T Davie's versions.

"Russell T Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch," he said.

A BBC spokesman said: "A Doctor Who feature film remains in development with BBC Worldwide Productions in Los Angeles.

"The project is unlikely to reach cinemas for several years and as yet there is no script, cast or production crew in place."

By George Kleanthous @GeorgeK1988

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Immortals: A big fat epic or a Greek tragedy?

Long ago there was a war. Those who were vanquished we're named titans and imprisoned beneath mount tatarus, but those who won were named Gods.
This is the story of Theseus, who on a time great trouble to the Helenics, is destined to lead them to greatness against King Hyperion and his army who plan to unleash the titans is a bit for world domination.

Starring Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto and Henry Cavil, who is the new Superman. Written by Carley and Vlas Parlapanides, directed by Tarsem Singh and produced by the produced by Ryan Kavanough and Mark Canton who produced 300. This was a very big part of the advertising campaign which I personally feel is unessesary as the only similarity between the two is that they are both ancient Greek stories.

Unfortunatly this movie fell slightly sort of the great epic that it could have been but if you are looking for some great action sequences and a bit of eye candy, then this is the movie for you. I especially liked the spin of ancient mythology in this film. The Minotaur (man with the head of a bill, for those who aren't down with their Greek myths) was simply a large burly man in a bull helmet, genious.

Overall a good movie, though slightly questionable version of Theseus' story.

An interview with Greg Richters on indie film-making and his new feature 51 Degrees

All Of The Above had the chance to interview independent film director, Greg Richters about his first feature film '51 Degrees', film funding and the future of independent films, here's what brief synopsis and what Greg had to say:

51 Degrees (aka The Last Days on Earth) is an independent feature film by Greg Richters. It's not your typical End of the World movie as it mainly deals with how Damon Miller (the protagonist) and his relationships, work and daily life are affected by this.

• When did you decide you wanted to be a film-maker and who influenced you?

Greg - I decided to become a director pretty early on, at the age of six. I was a professional children photo model in Germany and saved some money which I spent on second hand gear like a Sony Hi-8 video camera. At that time I was greatly "influenced" by films like E.T., The Lion King and The Jungle Book ;-) As I grew older I loved all the movies by Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese and Billy Wilder.

You've made over 30 films and commercials through the years, what is your greatest achievement so far?

Greg- I guess my greatest achievement will be 51 Degrees, the movie I'm currently directing. It's my first feature film. Prior to that I made several shorts. The one I'm most proud of is a short film I made when I was 14, "Dean's Life". It was an incredible experience. We attracted major German stars like Mario Adorf to the project. I worked on it for three years and it turned out to be 35 minutes long. It basically followed "Dean" from his early 20s until after his death at the age of 83. The script which I co-wrote with German screenwriter Georg Ludy became the inspiration for the Hollywood movie "Click" and a Nespresso Commercial (with George Clooney and John Malkovich).

•You are currently in the production stage of '51 Degrees', can you tell us about the film?

Greg- On the surface, 51 Degrees is a movie about the End of the world. It is about an Asteroid that hits our planet and wipes us out. But on a deeper level the movie is really about Damon Miller (played by the great German actor Moritz von Zeddelmann) who is trying to deal with his own life problems. I am trying not to tell your typical End-of-the World film but making this experience much more personal. We shot the movie very "docu-style", using only HDSLR cameras and mixed fiction with non-fiction. We shot most of the film on the streets, guerilla style, mostly without permits. We had some great NASA scientists on our side helping us getting the facts straight. The film will be a very unique experience to the audience. It's something you haven't really seen before.

The story explores the life struggles of German filmmaker Damon Miller who lives and works in London. The movie follows Damon through his daily struggles which become trivial when confronted with the End of the World. He is told by the UK Space Agency (British NASA) that an Asteroid will hit Earth within a few weeks. They have built a Space station to ensure the survival of the human race. In exchange for Damon's services (capturing the End of the World) he is given one ticket to the Space station. He gives it to his girlfriend.

•In terms of funding '51Degrees', how hard is it to fund an independent film and how did you overcome them?

Greg- I am currently working on three other feature films. One of them I've been developing with my good friend Daniel Hendricks Simon, a filmmaker from New York. ItThe movie is called EMILY LAZARUS and we have worked on it since 2007 (he started working on it in 2002). It's been quite a difficult journey to get the right financing. When I moved from New York to London 18 months ago I decided to make a movie that is very small which I can finance out of my own pocket. This would not have been possible without the HDSLR revolution. But that's exactly what we did. Sometimes I feel like it's harder to make a movie with a low-budget than with no-budget. Why? Because once you start spending money it's a never ending process ;-)

•Indie film-making is being widely acknowledged by mainstream film-makers, where do you see indie film-making going in the next few years?

Greg- OH, indie filmmaking is the way to make movies in the future! Now with HDSLRs this industry is more powerful than Hollywood! I mean any 14 year old can grab a camera, watch a couple of tutorials and tell a story which can compete (even in terms of image quality) with most Hollywood-made movies. What I loved most about the experience of making this movie is the freedom I had. No one tells me "You can't do this and that or I'll take my money and run". It's all about the vision of the filmmaker and that's the only thing that counts.

•And finally, what advice can you give for any aspiring film-makers out there?

Greg- Don't stop!!! Don't stop dreaming! Don't stop shooting! Don't stop learning!
Don't talk about making a movie for a decade! Just do it!!! Go out there and show your talent to the world! You have nothing to lose! But at the End of the day it's really about having fun :-D

But '51 Degrees' didn't always run as smoothly as Greg wanted, "We experienced quite a few things during this production...While shooting a scene back in March on Tower bridge, a bus driver saw "Damon" cross the bridge carrying a suitcase and thought it contained a bomb. He immediately alerted the bomb squad!" but the most amazing event Greg had witnessed was the mass of extras who turned up on set, "we planned an End of the world scene at Piccadilly Circus. We expected 500 Extras but 1500 showed up! In a couple of takes you can't see the streets anymore. We are estimating an additional 1000 tourists came together and stood on the streets to watch the event. The police was forced to shut down the main streets for at least 5 minutes and diverted all traffic and passers-byers. It ended up being the 2nd largest film production in the history of Piccadilly Circus!"

Sound like an awesome film! Watch this space for more news about '51 Degrees' and more.

By George Kleanthous

Have any views on indie film-making, the DSLR revolution or film funding? Leave a comment below or email us!!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Deck the halls with our Arthur Christmas review

Aardman, creators of 'Wallace and Gromit' and 'Chicken Run' have decided to go the route of computer animation and managed to keep their style with this ever so Christmassy movie.

'Arthur Christmas' written and directed by Sarah Smith tells the story of Arthur, son of the current Santa Claus, who goes on a wild trip with his Grand Santa and his ancient slay to deliver a present which was left behind before the Sun comes up on Christmas day.

Voiced by an incredible cast of James McAvoy, Steve Laurie, Bill Nighy and many more, this film was certainly a surprise. With a few good laughs and good 3D this film is great for the kids and adults alike, it's cleverly thought out with its UFO-style slay, gadgets and tech savvy elves and certainly gets you into the Xmas spirit.

It's been a while since there's been a good Christmas movie and this could be the one you watch with your family on Christmas day (once its out on DVD that is) but until then go and catch on the big screen.

4/5 Baubles

By George Kleanthous

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tower Heist, a master plan or a foiled robbery?

When I discovered that Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy were going to be in a heist comedy directed by Brett Ratner I didn't know what to think. It felt like two comedy legends whose films were not quite great anymore were trying to sell tickets, but I was an extent.

From the beginning it didn't feel like a regular Stiller comedy and that may be partly thanks to Ratner but may also be a huge part to Stiller having not written it.

Stiller plays a manager of a tower which houses the wealthy and seeks revenge on his boss after swindling the employees money through fraud by robbing him. With a gang of unlikely robbers consisting of Matthew Broderick, Eddie Murphy and that other Affleck brother, you can be sure to expect a lot of comedic moments...and you do.

With a lot of laughs equally distributed between the group and a few other characters you can't help but feel Eddie Murphy steals the show (but having produce the film as well, it was bound to happen).

This isn't a bad film, it's funny and keeps you wondering how they'll rob the tower until they actually do. For a heist comedy its not as bad as I thought it would be and expected more comedy than heist yet with this film it's almost equal.

If you're looking to see a comedy with a few familiar faces then this is the film for you. It's not the greatest comedy in the world but it's a huge step from Eddie Murphy's Dave and Stiller's Night at the Museum films...this is actually for teens and adults.

3/5 stars

George Kleanthous

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Our In Time review on time...just about

'In Time' is a mid-concept Sci-Fi thriller set in a future where time is our currency. A world where we are genetically designed to die at 25 and must work to survive.

Dubbed the "Timberland's Matrix" I can safely say it's nothing of the sort, it's thought through yet leaves many a loop hole and doesn't quite get us thinking about our existence in the same way. What it does do though is ring true to the way we live as a society and the classes within it. How the poor become poorer while the rich become richer, how many must be poor for the few to be rich. It has a good theme underlining a Sci-Fi action film.

In a nutshell this is Robin Hood meets Bonnie and Clyde kind of story, but done extremely well. Justin Timberlake brings in a surprisingly great performance along side Cillian Murphy and Amanda Seyfried and the direction is very well executed but not the greatest we've seen this year.

It's a great film which will get you thinking about how we live as a society but probably forget all about it as you walk passed the 'coming soon' posters on your way out of the cinema.

There are a few things that scream out 'Hollywood!' like why everyone is so damn sexy, Olivia Wilde being queen milf but they're not major peeves. The cars are awesome, the terms for the police and loan sharks are awesome and even though it's as if someone heard the phrase "time is money" an literally took it to heart this is a really good concept for a film.

I give this 4/5 stars and recommend you give it a watch....if you have the TIME...sorry, had to do it.

By George Kleanthous @GeorgeK1988