Monday, 19 December 2011

Dark Knight Rises trailer officially hits!!

The new Batman film 'Dark Knight Rises' has officially hit our screens and it's hit hard!

The trailer had leaked online a few days ago but the quality wasn't good enough for All Of The Above to talk about (because we're snobs like that).

Nolan's last instalment of The Batman movies will hit cinemas the summer of 2012 and the trailer is getting us ready for it.

See the trailer on the Apple website and let us know what you think!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Raiden back and he is coming for your head

I remember about 2 or 3 years ago, just after Metal Gear Solid 4 came out. Konami released a two trailers showing this new game called Metal Gear Solid Rising and Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker. Peacewalker told the tell of Naked Snake aka Big Boss and how he set up Outer Heaven, sticking to the root of the previous Metal Gear game. Metal Gear Rising which looked to be more of a hack and slash action game with Raiden being the main character. I know a lot people hate on Raiden after Metal Gear Solid 2, but i love the guy. Metal Gear Rising was meant to come out in 2010 but never did. So i started to believe that they just cancelled the game. But on Saturday, my life started to make sense again as Konami showed the latest game trailer at The Spike TV Video Game awards and i gotta say, i nearly wet myself after seeing the trailer. It's beyond crazy. They have even changed the name of the game and added Revengeance.  But i still have no idea when the game is going to end up on the shelves. Here is the Trailer and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do. 

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The New Dark Knight Rises teaser poster

On Friday Warner Bros released their latest Dark Knight Rises teaser poster and from the looks of it. The Dark Knight might actually his end at the hands of Bane. What do you guys think? Do you think Bane might actually break the Bat? Will Gotham city fall in to darkest without it protector? Well with got another 7 months till we find out.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron trailer is finally here

So its been 2 years since Transformers: The war for Cybertron came out and in many people's books, it was the best Transformers ever and am one of those people. As the movie related games was pretty crappy like most movie related games expect Wolverine and Captain America. But after nearly 2 years of waiting Developers High Moon Studios released a trailer which they showed at last night's Spike TV Video Game Awards and i have to say that the trailer looks pretty awesome. It looks like Cybertron has gotten worst since the last game. We see returning Characters like Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Megatron, Bumblebee who looks like he is dying and Starscream. With some new ones like Jazz who look like he might be a playable character, Grimlock who is actually a T-rex and the Combaticons who form the almighty Bruticus. Am going leave you guys the trailer and i hope you enjoy it

Autobots transform and roll out

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kyle's Top 10 Wrestlers of 2011. Number 10

The year is coming to an end and i have decided to look back and make a list of my Top 10 wrestlers of 2011. I wanted to  try something different and i came up with doing this. So i hope you wrestling fans enjoy this and give a little feedback of your on. Just letting you know, most of the wrestlers in my list are going to be from either the WWE or TNA as i don't watch Ring of Honor or CZW.

So at number 10 is ..............

Cody Rhodes

2011 has been a good year for Cody. He wrestled at Wrestlemania against Rey Mysterio and actually winning. Which was his first win at Wrestlemania. He has become a big name on Smackdown and won the WWE Tag Team Title with Drew McIntyre and the intercontinental title back in August and is still holding it as we speak. He has also worked on his mic skills and is actually a good bad guy. The reason why i started taking of him was when he dropped his "Dashin" grim-nick  which totally did my head in. When he started wearing his face mask, his character got a lot better as he reminded of Alex Mercer of the game Prototype. The biggest feuds to date was with Randy Orton which gave him a bigger push. He also changed his theme song like 3 times this years. I can't think of anything else to say about Cody so am gona post to videos. I hope you enjoy and i hope you enjoyed my pointless rambling.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

The Games of THOR 2.

This week has been up and down when it comes to  finding Directors for Thor 2, as this Patty Jenkins decided to step down as director due to "Creative differences". And Marvel already shortlisted to Directors. Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan who have both directed a few episodes of Games of Thrones. So Thor 2 might have a slightly mature feel to it. Hopefully no brothers and sisters having sex with each other or random be-headings. Also they are looking for new screen writers for the new project.  Lets just hope Thor 2 is as go as Thor 1.

What do you guys thinks about a adult themed Thor movie?

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Michael Bay is close to signing up for Transformers 4. Is this a good or a bad thing?

It was recently reported that Michael Bay maybe back to direct Transformers 4 or as i like to refer to it as BayFormers. After Transformers 3 both Bay and Shia LaBeouf said that they won't be returning if there was going to be a 4th film and Rumors was that Jason Statham has been pegged to be the lead. But now there is a 95% chance that Bay will be back in the directing chair. Which in my personally opinion is a bad idea. The last two BayFormers movies was pretty bad. A lot of Action but no story and the little story that was there didn't include the Transformers in any way. It was about Sam trying to tell a girl that he loves her and then Sam telling a British Girl he loves her. The film is called Transformers but 80% didn't even include the Transformers. Oh yeah, they have also said that Transformers 4 won't be prequel. So there goes the chances of seeing a Human free Transformers movie. They should make a movie explaining the Cybertonian Wars and Why Megatron and Optimus Prime stopped being friends. Or they could just re-do the animated movie from 1986. One of the best animated movie EVER made.

So do you think Michael Bay coming back is a good or a bad thing? Here is a little video that may help you decide

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

New Amazing Spider-man Movie Poster

This morning Sony Picture released a new poster for the fourth coming "Amazing Spider-man". The poster looks pretty cool. But am not to sure about the Tag-line "the untold story". Is it the untold story because they are focus on a younger Peter Parker and his first love Gwen Stacey. As the other Spider-man films focused on a slightly older Peter and Mary Jane Watson. Personally i can't wait for this movie and hopefully its much better Spider-man 3 with Tap dancing Peter Parker.

What do you think of the poster? does it get you excited?

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Years Eve film review- will we see fireworks in this all star cast filled film?

Brought to you by the director who gave us Valentines Day (the movie, not the actual day). Starring practically everyone that's ever been in a movie, ever. Set on new years eve (obviously) the film follows some of the lives, loves, hates and hurdles that we may all be facing this new years eve outselves. And with so many stories and characters all thrown into the mix there is no way you won't enjoy at least a little bit of it.

The film is a multi-story narrative about a number of people celebrating New Years Eve in New York, we see the lives of a singer, caterer, errand boy, hipster and a host of other characters played by a numerous amount of celebrities.

This is a typical chick flick but the comedy aspect in this romcom will keep the men entertained, if all that eye candy in shapes of Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel and Katherine Heigl doesn't. Don't worry ladies, there's plenty of guy candy thrown in their too in the fine forms of Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Duhamel and Common.

Now this is the festive season so do expect some cheese on your board with this film, a particular lift experience being the Swiss. There are also some heart warming moments and a some sad bits and even a little twist in the end for those (like me) who think they can suss out a films plot and guess the end.

Out of all the story lines the biggest let down is the one containing Sarah Jessica Parker and her renegade teen, SJP is far too relaxed about her daughter's happenings and must there always be a slo-mo shot of her in a "gorgeous" dress?? I mean come on! Every film?

It's not the greatest film but who would expect as much from a movie with so many famous faces? There are even celebs I didn't expect to see which was a pleasant surprise, the slight 80s reference when Matthew Broderick makes a small appearance as Mr BUELLERton was cool and there is even a few musical numbers which comes as no surprise as that chick from Glee and Jon Bon Jovi are in it.

If you want an all star cast, glitz, glamour and beautiful people set in a beautiful city then this is for you

By Kay D @_kaymd_

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Thing - An All Of The above review

In the Antarctic, there lies a ship. A ship unlike any we've seen before.

For anyone who hasn't seen John Carpenter's The Thing, this is the prequel, telling the story of the Norwegian scientists who discover the alien craft and it's frozen survivor which can imitate any living organism, it defrosts and runs amok around the base imitating the people it kills giving us the "who is it?" style film we all love.

The Thing (2011) answers a number of questions that left fans of the 80's film asking. It still has many of the same plot holes like why a group of scientists in the Antarctic would have use for flame-throwers and shotguns? But it doesn't take away from how awesome this film is.

It isn't exactly the scariest film there is but it has a fair bit of jumps to keep you satisfied and the "who is it?" portion of the film, which like the 80s film, plays throughout and really gets you thinking. It's bloody and gruesome and the Thing gets uglier and uglier as the film progresses. Something fans of Carpenter's film will notice is the music, staying the same or slightly modified to give us that thrilling, horrifying 80s tension we know and love.

There are a few moments in the film which echoes the 80s version which makes it feel like they copied straight from the script using similar scenes like the sabotaged blood bank and how they can tell who's human an who's not but its not a big deal, I'll look at it as either a reference or the idea that these are factors that would particularly happen in those situations.

All in all this is a great film wether you have seen the 80s Thing or not and is worth a watch.

4/5 stars

George Kleanthous @GeorgeK1988