Monday, 15 October 2012

Fox hires Mark Millar look over there Marvel Films

I know its a bit of late news but on Friday, 20th Century Fox who currently have the rights to such Marvel characters like The Fantastic Four and the X-men (which includes like 80% of the mutants in the Marvel universe). Have appointed Well known Comicbook writer Mark Millar to over see all of their Marvel film, kinda like Marvel Studios have done with Joss Whedon and what Warner Bros have done with Christoper Nolan. I think Fox did this so that they can copy the success of Marvel Studios and hopefully do more crossover sort of movies. Which would be kind of hard as the X-men and the Fantastic Four hardly ever interact with each other. But who knows I could be wrong as Mark Millar has written both Fantastic Four and the X-men at one point. For those who don't know Mark Millar is mostly known for his comic Kiss-Ass and his run on Ultimate X-men and  other Icon books (Icon is Marvel's creator owned lines) which are pretty violent and rather out there. Hopefully we should see signs of this in the next X-men film which involves Time travel and maybe slight hints of ret-conning. So what do you guys think? Is this a good or a bad thing? Could he make the Fox owned Marvel films better?

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