Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Marvel has cut yet another title. But now it's personal

The first couple of weeks have been pretty rough and things are getting cancelled left, right and center. Last week Marvel announced that Alpha Fight, Iron-man 2.0 (which i actually like and get each month), Herc and even Young Victor Von Doom which got cancelled before it even got released. But now another title has been axed and am sad to say it's X-23. Issue 24 will be the finally issue but don't worry, Laura will be joining the Avengers Academy. So there is some sort of silver cloud behind this bad news. Am pretty sadden by this news. I loved this series and have done since issue one and it's gonna be sad not seeing Marjorie Liu writing Laura anymore. Over the last 1 year and a bit, i think Marjorie found a voice for Laura and made her more then a cheap Wolverine knock off. Hopefully the character of X-23 doesn't fade off in to the background and never seen again. Marjorie Liu, i shall miss you

Now am gonna go and drink away the pain

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

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