Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Batman Beyond shall be returning with a bold new number one

It looks like DC haven't decided to get rid off Terry McGinnis. DC announced Today that Batman Beyond with be coming back in February with Adam Beechen returning as writer but the name of the title has slightly. Now it's going to be called Batman Beyond Unlimited. So basically the series will be picking up from where it left off. But wait, there is more awesome news. A new Beyond series is starting. Justice League Unlimited. Which is going to Justice League of the Future. Well the Justice League from the animated universe anyways. Which am pretty excited about as i love all the old animated universe. I only wish they actually got a cartoon but i guess the comics will do. The writer and artist for this title is going to be Dustin Nguyen who is known for his work on the last series of Batgirl and Street of Gotham. But they haven't said when this title will start. Hopefully April.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

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