Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Thing - An All Of The above review

In the Antarctic, there lies a ship. A ship unlike any we've seen before.

For anyone who hasn't seen John Carpenter's The Thing, this is the prequel, telling the story of the Norwegian scientists who discover the alien craft and it's frozen survivor which can imitate any living organism, it defrosts and runs amok around the base imitating the people it kills giving us the "who is it?" style film we all love.

The Thing (2011) answers a number of questions that left fans of the 80's film asking. It still has many of the same plot holes like why a group of scientists in the Antarctic would have use for flame-throwers and shotguns? But it doesn't take away from how awesome this film is.

It isn't exactly the scariest film there is but it has a fair bit of jumps to keep you satisfied and the "who is it?" portion of the film, which like the 80s film, plays throughout and really gets you thinking. It's bloody and gruesome and the Thing gets uglier and uglier as the film progresses. Something fans of Carpenter's film will notice is the music, staying the same or slightly modified to give us that thrilling, horrifying 80s tension we know and love.

There are a few moments in the film which echoes the 80s version which makes it feel like they copied straight from the script using similar scenes like the sabotaged blood bank and how they can tell who's human an who's not but its not a big deal, I'll look at it as either a reference or the idea that these are factors that would particularly happen in those situations.

All in all this is a great film wether you have seen the 80s Thing or not and is worth a watch.

4/5 stars

George Kleanthous @GeorgeK1988

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