Saturday, 10 December 2011

Michael Bay is close to signing up for Transformers 4. Is this a good or a bad thing?

It was recently reported that Michael Bay maybe back to direct Transformers 4 or as i like to refer to it as BayFormers. After Transformers 3 both Bay and Shia LaBeouf said that they won't be returning if there was going to be a 4th film and Rumors was that Jason Statham has been pegged to be the lead. But now there is a 95% chance that Bay will be back in the directing chair. Which in my personally opinion is a bad idea. The last two BayFormers movies was pretty bad. A lot of Action but no story and the little story that was there didn't include the Transformers in any way. It was about Sam trying to tell a girl that he loves her and then Sam telling a British Girl he loves her. The film is called Transformers but 80% didn't even include the Transformers. Oh yeah, they have also said that Transformers 4 won't be prequel. So there goes the chances of seeing a Human free Transformers movie. They should make a movie explaining the Cybertonian Wars and Why Megatron and Optimus Prime stopped being friends. Or they could just re-do the animated movie from 1986. One of the best animated movie EVER made.

So do you think Michael Bay coming back is a good or a bad thing? Here is a little video that may help you decide

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

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