Thursday, 19 January 2012

Expendables 2 to be a 12A...Because Chuck hates swearing

Chuck Norris refused to join the cast of 'Expendables 2' if they didn't clean up the swear words in the script.

Talking to Polish broadcaster Gazeta, Norris claimed that the last film's language was "vulgar" and he didn't do films like that. He then claimed that the producers were going to certify the film a PG-13 which over in the UK would be a 12A.

Now I'm not one to hate on Chuck Norris for this as he seems to be a man who sticks to his morals but did he even watch the last film? If I don't see a round-house kick which knocks a man's head off and send it flying into a group of rebels knocking them off a bridge into a a large meat compactor then I don't know what to expect!

Some may ask who is this Chuck Norris? And why does he have such an impact on this film and the universe itself? Well for those who haven't seen the FACTS here are a few:

Taken From

• in July, Sharks watch Chuck Norris week.

• Chuck Norris doesn't shave, he uses his beard to sharpen razors.

• Beneath Chuck Norris' beard is another fist.

• Chuck Norris is allowed to draw pictures of Mohammed.

• Nostradamus saw a round-house kick from the future and died.

For more hilariously epic Chuck Facts visit the web site!

By George Kleanthous

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