Monday, 30 January 2012

Chronicle: an All Of The Above review

When 3 friends gain powers their lives change forever, and what do they do with their powers? They film themselves throwing baseballs at each others faces.

The first thing to get out of the way is the suggestion that this is a live-action version of the manga 'Akira', it's not, bot it does have seem to be very much inspired by the manga on terms of theme. The idea of "if you got powers what would you do with them?" plays big in this film, asking the ever-so-real question of how far can you go before you go to far?

This is a "found-footage" film, think 'Cloverfield with super-powers' but don't be put off by the idea of dizzying and out-of-focus camera shots, Chronicle's director Josh Trank cleverly uses the characters powers to create some awesome camera shots, expect tracking and panning shots and many interesting camera moves.

The film's camera quality changes very cleverly, as Andrew (the mixed-up teen with the troubled private life) decides to film his awkward life, starting from a beat-down old film camera and as the story and their powers progress, he upgrades to HD!

'Chronicle' is written by Max Landis and is thought through and well written. The dialogue is great and triggers the imagination, I mean who doesn't or hasn't thought about having powers and what you would do with them? Maybe save lives or embarrass the bullies who tormented you through school or at work? This films tells you what happens if you do both.

The acting is also a real treat, starring Dane DeHaan (Andrew), Alex Russell (Matt) and Micheal B.Jordan (Steven). 'Chronicle' host realism, drama, comedy and pure thrill. You really feel that these boys love each other and really have these powers.

The CGI isn't the greatest we've seen but the film is that good that it really doesn't matter!

'Chronicle' is a great start to the years blockbusters and of you fancy a low-budget super-powered film that packs a telepathic punch this is the film to see!

By George Kleanthous

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