Sunday, 18 March 2012

21 Jump Street - an All Of The Above Review

Jonah Hill + Channing Tatum = Hilarious Comedy!

Reboot/sequel of a late eighties -early nighties TV show of the same name. Agents belonging to Jump Street are sent into high schools, undercover, too infiltrate youth crime.  If you was a fan, you will be pleased to hear some of the stars of the show return to Jump street and make great appearances, in this awesome cop comedy. Written by Micheal Bacall (Project X) and Jonah Hill

Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) weren't friend at high school, in fact they were quite the opposite, but after joining the police academy they became as close as brothers, but being a cop isn't all that its cracked up to be. They are put on bicycles and put on park patrol, and after a bad first arrest they are sent to 21 Jump street, with other 'Justin Beaver (not a typo, Mr Bieber really is referred to as Justin Beaver), Miley Cyrus looking mothers' headed by the funniest angry chief of police played by Ice Cube. 

Jonah Hill is, as always, right on point with his comedic performances, and this time paired quite unusually with the hansom Channing Tatum, works so well. They have so much chemistry on screen that you really believe their friendship is real.  And this movie isn't just a comedy, it has some fantastic action scenes, but what else would you expect from the star of G.I. Joe, Haywire and Eagle (Tatum). 

Best cop comedy since Hot Fuzz. This film literally had me laughing out loud, every other minute. All I can say is watch this this movie! 5/5 stars

by Kay M.D

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