Thursday, 1 March 2012

Project X - the greatest party of all time?

With a title like 'Project X' one would imagine a sci-fi film, maybe starring Ferris Beuller's Matthew Boderick and maybe a chimp, but this isn't the eighties, and this isn't that movie.

'Project X' co-written by Matt Drake and Michael Bacall (the writer of the up-coming '21 Jump Street) and directed by Nima Nourizadeh tells the story of three high school seniors who throw a birthday party cool enough to make a name for themselves. But as the party progresses, it quickly gets out of control and incredibly crazy.

Starring Thomas Mann as Thomas the birthday boy, Costa (Oliver Cooper) the foul-mouthed party organiser and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) the chubby one and their camera man who is filming everything as it transpires for Thomas's birthday video play the loser kids who don't get invited to parties which means they don't get to touch a booby or two...and that pisses no-one off more than Costa (Cooper). So when Thomas's parents go out of town for a conveniently planned anniversary getaway, Costa decides to organise a party to remember. And how would he do this you ask? By posting Thomas's address all over the internet and social-networking sites...this can only be a good thing right? Guess again, this film goes from party of the year to a summer in Tottenham!

'Project X' is not so much a found-footage film like 'Chronicle' or 'Blair Witch' but more like 'we're throwing a party and we filmed it' type film. The editing is superb and the music is awesome (which is bound to be when partly produced by MTV).

This is one hell of a movie, the acting is great and you really feel emotionally attached with the characters towards the end of the film. Its funny, thrilling and perfectly captures youth culture today and the influence social-networking has on the world.

Rated 18 not because of the drugs, booze or sex but because of how achievable it is to recreate this film well deserves the rating!

5/5 stars
George Kleanthous

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  1. Dude... I'm sorry but i gotta disagree. Those kids were lamewads. The movie had some good parts, but mainly it was bad. You can check out the video review I did here my buddy Cagney tears a hole in that movie