Friday, 14 October 2011

All for one and all that jazz - Three Muskateers movie review

When I first saw the trailer for the 'Three Musketeers' film I automatically knew what kind of film this was going to be, an adventure movie with the intent to be something bigger, something on the lines of a certain Pirate franchise? I can safely say I was correct.

'Three Muskateers' based on the book of the same title by Alexandre Dumas père and directed by Paul W.S Anderson (Mortal Kombat/ Death Race)
Is a swash buckling adventure with a steam punk feel about, you guessed it three musketeers! Oh hold on don't forget the fourth one, D'artanian played by Logan Lermon (Percy Jackson) who manages to become a member of the King's guard after three days of being in Paris with no test or training or nothing. The film also stars that chick from Resident Evil who seems to do sexy poses between her ridiculous stunts and Orlando 'I want to be a good actor' Bloom who plays Buckingham, his best role since Legolas.

The script is poor and the performances are average at best. The 3D was ok but did nothing for the brilliant colours the film contains if watched in 2D, this still couldn't take my attention away from the piss poor acting, accents and dialogue. The action sequences were good and it was a little funny but it was lacking so much it left me questioning the storyline and it's faithfulness to the book (which I haven't read).

My other peeve is small but...why are they not wearing the musketeers uniforms they should be wearing? Are they too good for the uniform of the King's guard? Or do they need to be individualised because we as an audience won't be able to tell who they are or what style of fighting they use?

All in all if you want a swash buckling adventure but content with a sub-par version then this is for you. If you want a Pirates franchise the pirates franchise.

I give this film 3/5 stars as it's not completely terrible (like Shark Night 3D)

By George Kleanthous @GeorgeK1988

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