Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Phoenix is coming but who will be the host?

For the last 10 or when ever the Grant Morrison run on "New X-men" ended people have be wondering when Jean Grey or the Phoenix force would return. Then Hope Summer came on the scene in Messiah Complex and people started to think that she was Jean Grey returning from the dead and when Emma Frost saw the Phoenix in Hope's eyes everybody went crazy, thinking that Hope is some how Jean Grey. Now one year on, Marvel has released a teaser poster saying its coming.

From what i have heard, this is meant to tie in to big event that's happening in 2012. Marvel says that next year is going to be world changing event. With Cable, Nova, The Phoenix and maybe Bucky Barnes returning  in a big way. Personally i hope that Jean Grey doesn't come back from the dead and i don't Hope to turn out to be Jean Grey. Hope is a good character on her own, you don't need to link her to Jean Grey. Marvel could totally catch people by Surprise and make Emma Frost the Phoenix. As no-one would see that coming. But maybe that's just me. Well we only have 3 month till wait.

Till then i shall be looking to see if there are any spare room on Utopia since Wolverine and his X-men decided to go back to New York.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

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