Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bay and Spielberg in talks for Transformers 4 + 5

We all remember when Micheal Bay said he was never going to direct another Transformers film? Well surprise surprise! After the box office smash that was Transformers: Dark of the Moon, bay and Spielberg are in talks to reboot/continue the franchise.

Now I'm happy they're continuing the franchise but I just hope they do it right. I mean Bay isn't a terrible director, I enjoyed most of his films that didn't suck and Spielberg is a cinematic master so there's no doubt it'll be visually amazing but it's all about the bots and if they can't script it right is it really worth it?

The rumour is that they plan to film the two movies back to back and a "reliable source" from a well known site claims Jason Statham will be the main character hunting down the bots.....I know, a terrible idea. I hope it's just a rumour because if he is the star of the show I can see a very dark future in out midst....saying that, he could be part of a British black ops style group or something, who knows?

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