Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Peter Jackson to direct 'Tin Tin and The Prisoners of The Sun'

It's no news that Spielberg and Jackson would take turns directing the movies but thanks to The Playlist, Jackson has told of working on the next Tin Tin once he finishes the Hobbit movies.

Sony and Paramount are watching the box office with eager anticipation as to wether they will fund a second film however the script has already been written by author Anthony Horowitz beat known for his UK teen spy novels. I'm a little sad to hear Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat will not be writing the next story but am interested none the less as to where this is heading.

'The Prisoners of The Sun' tells of when Tin Tin and Captain Haddock uncover the truth of a deadly illness that hits anyone connected to an Incan tomb and hopefully Professor Calculus will be amongst the plethora of characters!

By George Kleanthous @GeorgeK1988

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