Friday, 21 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 (the one set in the 80s)

Before I begin I must admit to a few things:
• I don't usually watch horror movies
• I haven't seen the second Paranormal Activity

Now that that's covered I can begin.

The new Paranormal movie takes us to the past where it all began, baggy trousers, MC Hammer, Madonna....i'm of course talking about the 80s where, thankfully we see none of these during the film. Instead we see a whole lot of creepiness, with a few frights on the side!

It seems that tension has returned and snuck up behind us as it was destined to do (I for one was a little tired of the "see all" horrors in which we see all and leave nothing to the most important thing we humans have, imagination)

This film is straight up scary, clever and funny. At some points it felt very scripted for a film which is shot as if it was real, and there are still the questions everyone asks like "why is he still filming?" and "but why is he still filming?".

The kids are great in this with truly creepy performances, but the greatest performance, as it is with all these "shot to be real" films is the camera! It allowed us to see only a little of the evil it documents and yet we wanted to see more!

It does get a bit silly in the end but only because it ties into the storyline of why the demon/ghost is there, which I personally feel spoils the idea of "this film is supposed to be real" however, If you want a film you can scream to, laugh at (to cover your fear) or whisper quite loudly to your friend "f*** that!" then this is a film for you.

In George Kleanthous @GeorgeK1988 and I think I may need to watch some Disney films before I got to bed!

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