Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Amazing Spider-man and The Avengers "Leaked" trailers

San Diego Comic-con is here and with it a host of juicy news. Two I find very interesting are the teaser trailers for The Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man.

First off the Amazing Spider-Man, "leaked" this morning it automatically indicates Sony and Columbia Pictures are doing a "Nolan" and making this reboot a darker, much more serious film. Some refer to it as quite "emo" but I wouldn't agree, it's about a kid who loses his parents, lives with his uncle and aunt then becomes the reason his uncle is murdered and all while having the powers of a spider.....that shits pretty dark! The teaser looks great, but with it's low-quality it's pretty hard to make out what is going on in certain scenes. One thing this teaser contains is the "Spidey-view" which puts you into the mind of Parker whilst he is web-slinging....it's pretty cool as it reminds me of the gameplay of Mirror's Edge but depending on if it's solely for the trailer or if it's used in the film, it may get boring....unless we see a pretty bad-ass fight scene with combos-a-plenty!! More news to come!

Now from what I have seen of the ultra-low quality of the Avengers trailer is exactly what I expected to see.....all of the Avengers and their villain. I'll admit that it's pretty cool to finally see the Avengers on the big screen, something DC wont do with the Justice league for a good while but I wonder if maybe this film may be too much. All these big names on screen may spell trouble in term of screen time, but in all fairness there is only one way to find out...


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