Friday, 29 July 2011

Captain America Review by Mr George

Okay, I've just got in from a screening of Marvel Studio's Captain America and I can honestly say I enjoyed it.
At the beginning I expected this film to not really hit British audiences very hard due to the blatant Pro-American propaganda but to be honest it wasn't so bad. 

I half expected to hear "we're Americans" "we're the best" but it never came, this film is about the story, the origin of Marvel's most iconic character, a story about war, strength and power of faith. I left the cinema wanting to punch Nazis in the face.

Joe Johnston really brought this story to life, it being set mainly in the 40s/50s, decided to film it in a similar style, the cheese factor not being too bad and using 40s style transitions through the edit. Evans certainly made me forget he was the Human Torch in previous comic book movie flops and Weaving plays the villain so well it gave me the creeps. The special effects were great but a skinny chris Evans made me giggle everytime I saw him and the 3D was not needed. 

With appearances from characters like a rather older and more realistic Bucky, Doogan, Howard Stark and what do you know Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury, it really is hitting the referencing in the face.

It's a great film and really gets you in the the mood for The Avengers (set for May release) which I might add is the post credit scene (the leaked Avengers trailer we saw during SDCC 11) if you've been following The Marvel movies so far you can't miss this one. It's a real treat.

But don't take my word for it, see it for yourself!!

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