Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Hulk has a new look in the Avengers Movies.

Its looks like the Hulk is going to like different in the Avengers ' Movie. Kevin Feige says that the Hulk is going to be mix between Mark Ruffalo(the man playing the Hulk) and  Jack Kirby(the man who helped create the Hulk with Stan Lee back in the 60's). Mark Ruffalo is going to be the third actor to play the Hulk in the last 8 years. I still think Edward Norton should still be the Hulk but due to some differences between Norton and the director of The Incredible Hulk, we won't be seeing Norton as Dr Bruce Banner again. Which is a major drag. But Mark Ruffalo could change my mind. I wonder what Hulk personality they will use in the Avengers Movie. Will it be Simple minded Hulk who just wants to be left alone or will it be Banner Hulk, where Bruce has some control of the Hulk but is not as strong as Simple minded Hulk. Savage Hulk who is just full of rage or World Breaker Hulk, who is smart and super strong (see Planet Hulk and World War Hulk). Who's knows?? But it looks like the Avengers Movie is going to be epic.

What do you guys think of Mark Ruffalo playing the Hulk?? Have you even seen him in anything else? Because i ain't.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

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