Thursday, 21 July 2011

Horrible Bosses review

Move over Stu, Alan, Phil and Mr Chow there are some new guys in town and these ones are lethal. Well almost.
Ok so there could have been snappier titles, but let's be honest it's to the point, these guys are just plain horrible. Jennifer Aniston plays a sex pest dentist who harasses her dental nurse assistant but don't you dare say that it isn't that bad! Because there are apparently some men that don't want to see her running around in knickers (really...I know right) and Dale is one of them. So obviously she needs to die, along with his friend Kurt's Boss, a complete slime ball who's creeped out by men in wheelchairs and spends to much time with ladyboys (which is a legit lifestyle choice by the way) played by the surprisingly funny Colin Farrel. And let's not forget the crazy funny and crazy scary Kevin spacey who plays the best egotistical maniac in a while, who completely terrorises their friend nick. 
But first these three guys are going to need a murder consultant because a guy who does the correct kind of 'wet work' is hard to find and Jamie Foxx is that guy and one bad ass mother, so bad his name is actually mother fucker jones (yes, you read that right). And as you guessed it, hilarious consequences follow. And follow they do. If you watch one comedy this year let it be Horrible Bosses, or else.
Horrible Bosses hitting screens 22 July
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