Saturday, 23 July 2011

SDCC 11: Marvel Television Panel

It looks like Marvel are trying to get in the television business. In a panel at Comic Con, Marvel's head of Television Jeph Loeb (writer of the TV show Heroes and Batman: The Long Halloween) discussed a few up and coming TV shows that Marvel have in development. Marvel are currently working on The Hulk which will be set when no-one know his secret. Cloak and Dagger, 2 homeless teenagers turned Super heroes. Mockingbird, a teenage girl who gets trained to be a spy. Aka Jessica Jones, a failed Superhero, who is trying to sort her life out. Loeb also spoke about the new Ultimate Spider-man cartoon and the Second season of the Avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes. Personally i can't wait to see all the live action shows and cartoons but i have a feeling some of them won't see sunlight like DC's recent try at Wonder Woman which got cancelled before it even hit the air.

To see all the notes from the panel check out the link below

Which show are you guys looking forward to see and which ones do you think won't even see the light of day??

Kyle @Johnnytimpulse

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