Friday, 22 July 2011

SDCC 11: Is Cyclops going to die?

The leader of the X-men Scott Summers aka Cyclops maybe kicking the bucket after SchismFor those are not following the current X-men books, Pofessor X is no longer the leader of the X-men and Cyclops has been appointed the leader of the whole mutant race after the events of M Day(a story for another time). The mutant race are now an endangered species and from race of millions, there is only 190 mutants left in the world, give or take . So to ensure the survival of the mutant race, Cyclops has had to make so really hard choices, like moving the whole mutant race on to an island just off of San Francisco and creating a black op team called X-Force who job was to eliminate any threats to the mutant before they become a problem. The team was made up from X-men that are willing to kill which included Wolverine and a few others. Since then the X-men and mutant kind have survived nearly being wiped out by Bastion(an evil mutant hating robot from the future) and the mutant is started to grow again. But the lost a two members, Nightclawer and Cyclops Son Cable. Which Wolverine still blames Cyclops for the death Nightclawer. But there is a great evil making its way to the X-men's home of Utopia . A threat so big, it's going to split the X-men in half. Something so big, It's going to make Cyclops and his most loyal soldier Wolverine want to kill each other and go two different ways. But no ones what curses this Schism between the X-men.

 This summer the X-men is going through a lot changes. Two different X-men teams, so characters are going to change and maybe the death of Cyclops. The death of Cyclops was hinted at the X-men panel. The link will be at the bottom. Come October there is going to be "The Uncanny X-men" and "Wolverine and X-men". At first we all through The Uncanny X-men would be the Cyclops faction but Marvel released a preview of Uncanny X-men #1 and there was no signs of Cyclops. So does this mean the only living Summers family member will be Alex, who is lost in space somewhere.  We gotta wait for Schism #5 to find out

Should Cyclops die? What tell me what you think

Kyle @Johnnytimpulse

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