Sunday, 31 July 2011

A picture of Bane on set

An image of Tom Hardy as Bane on the set of The Dark Knight Rises has emerged on the Internet, looks like he has a group of soldiers with him (Serbian maybe?) also looks like he is standing on a desert-camo Bat-mobile, has Batman gone international?

Friday, 29 July 2011

Captain America Review by Mr George

Okay, I've just got in from a screening of Marvel Studio's Captain America and I can honestly say I enjoyed it.
At the beginning I expected this film to not really hit British audiences very hard due to the blatant Pro-American propaganda but to be honest it wasn't so bad. 

I half expected to hear "we're Americans" "we're the best" but it never came, this film is about the story, the origin of Marvel's most iconic character, a story about war, strength and power of faith. I left the cinema wanting to punch Nazis in the face.

Joe Johnston really brought this story to life, it being set mainly in the 40s/50s, decided to film it in a similar style, the cheese factor not being too bad and using 40s style transitions through the edit. Evans certainly made me forget he was the Human Torch in previous comic book movie flops and Weaving plays the villain so well it gave me the creeps. The special effects were great but a skinny chris Evans made me giggle everytime I saw him and the 3D was not needed. 

With appearances from characters like a rather older and more realistic Bucky, Doogan, Howard Stark and what do you know Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury, it really is hitting the referencing in the face.

It's a great film and really gets you in the the mood for The Avengers (set for May release) which I might add is the post credit scene (the leaked Avengers trailer we saw during SDCC 11) if you've been following The Marvel movies so far you can't miss this one. It's a real treat.

But don't take my word for it, see it for yourself!!

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Hulk has a new look in the Avengers Movies.

Its looks like the Hulk is going to like different in the Avengers ' Movie. Kevin Feige says that the Hulk is going to be mix between Mark Ruffalo(the man playing the Hulk) and  Jack Kirby(the man who helped create the Hulk with Stan Lee back in the 60's). Mark Ruffalo is going to be the third actor to play the Hulk in the last 8 years. I still think Edward Norton should still be the Hulk but due to some differences between Norton and the director of The Incredible Hulk, we won't be seeing Norton as Dr Bruce Banner again. Which is a major drag. But Mark Ruffalo could change my mind. I wonder what Hulk personality they will use in the Avengers Movie. Will it be Simple minded Hulk who just wants to be left alone or will it be Banner Hulk, where Bruce has some control of the Hulk but is not as strong as Simple minded Hulk. Savage Hulk who is just full of rage or World Breaker Hulk, who is smart and super strong (see Planet Hulk and World War Hulk). Who's knows?? But it looks like the Avengers Movie is going to be epic.

What do you guys think of Mark Ruffalo playing the Hulk?? Have you even seen him in anything else? Because i ain't.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Guess who's back in the WWE??

Last night's Monday Night Raw was full of surprises. First Rey Mysterio was crowned the new WWE champion after beating the Miz. Then the new "Boss" Triple H rehired good old Jim Ross and John Morrison made his return for injuring his neck a few months. Then Triple H decided to make Rey Mysterio fight John Cena for the WWE title as John Cena deserved a rematch after losing the belt to CM Punk(or he who shall not be named), who then walked out of the WWE with the title. John Cena went on to win the title from Rey in a descent match and as John Cena was celebrate being the 11 time WWE champion(yes he has won the belt 11 times in the last 6 years) but out of nowhere music hit. Actually i will let you see for yourself 

So yeah, He's back

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

The Inbetweeners: The Movie

Here is the new Inbetweeners movie poster, not much to it but pretty much sets thetone of the film. Judging by the trailer released as well it's set to be a big British blockbuster! Fingers crossed!

Your favourite briefcase wanker @GeorgeK1988

Monday, 25 July 2011

SDCC 11: Soulcalibur V trailer

This game nearly didn't see the light of day but 1000's of people including me sent emails to Namco/Bandai and to years later, here we are. Soulcalibur V. This is the 5th game in the series and it set 17 years after the events of Soulcalibur IV. Its might to be second chapter of the Soulcalibur story. With all new characters and one or 2 old characters returning. From the trailer its looks like they have added some sort of Super move, that does a lot damage. Now release dated has been given yet but once i found out, i shall let you guys know. Meanwhile enjoy this video

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

SDCC 11: The Avengers Concept Art teaser poster

Here is a concept art teaser poster for the Avengers. This poster has the key heroes that are going to be in the film.

From Left to right Black Widow, Iron-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Agent Carlson

SDCC 11: Incredible Hulk #1 has a Writer

It looks like the Incredible Hulk is another title getting a shiny brand new number one in October. After issue 635 the current titles "The Incredible Hulks" will be ending and long time writer Greg Pak will also be leaving the title.  Greg Pak has been writing the "The Incredible Hulk/Hulks" since Planet Hulk. So its really hard to see him go. But the book might be left in good hands as Jason Aaron. Jason Aaron has been writing Wolverine for the last couple of years, the Punisher and he will be writing Wolverine and The X-men which will be starting October also.

Aaron said that this series will pick up where Fear Itself left off and now the Hulk is on his own. This series will about the Inner battle with Bruce Banner and his green alter ego the Hulk. So who knows, this will may live up to Greg Pak's run.

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

Saturday, 23 July 2011

SDCC 11: Marvel Television Panel

It looks like Marvel are trying to get in the television business. In a panel at Comic Con, Marvel's head of Television Jeph Loeb (writer of the TV show Heroes and Batman: The Long Halloween) discussed a few up and coming TV shows that Marvel have in development. Marvel are currently working on The Hulk which will be set when no-one know his secret. Cloak and Dagger, 2 homeless teenagers turned Super heroes. Mockingbird, a teenage girl who gets trained to be a spy. Aka Jessica Jones, a failed Superhero, who is trying to sort her life out. Loeb also spoke about the new Ultimate Spider-man cartoon and the Second season of the Avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes. Personally i can't wait to see all the live action shows and cartoons but i have a feeling some of them won't see sunlight like DC's recent try at Wonder Woman which got cancelled before it even hit the air.

To see all the notes from the panel check out the link below

Which show are you guys looking forward to see and which ones do you think won't even see the light of day??

Kyle @Johnnytimpulse

SDCC 11: Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

Now I can't be the only o e excited about the Walking Dead season 2 trailer....and I'm not! This thing is huge! I remember before season 1 aired I showed the first trailer to some friends who went that I interested in it but minds were changed when the show was released. 
Season 2 is nearly here and the trailer for it looks amazing, I'll admit I jumped into the comics late and have only read book 2 but it seems it doesn't quite follow the graphic novel to a T (some characters staying alive when they should have died) but to be honest I'm happy with the way the show is going.
All I can say is roll on season 2!!!
I'm @GeorgeK1988 and you're awesome

SDCC 11: Mass Effect Movie in the works but and there is a BIG but

Well yeah, there is going to be a Mass Effect coming out but so far there is no director and no actors attached to the film. But they do have a writer. Mark Protosevich who was one of the writers of Thor and I am Legend. The Studio claim that this film we stuck more to the game and its history unlike other video game movies and not just focus on action and visuals. Mark Protosevich wants to work hand in hand with the creators of the game. Hopefully next year or in the coming month we learn more about the film and fingers crossed this doesn't turn in to another Street Fighter Movie.

Kyle @johnnytimpulse

Friday, 22 July 2011

SDCC 11: Is Cyclops going to die?

The leader of the X-men Scott Summers aka Cyclops maybe kicking the bucket after SchismFor those are not following the current X-men books, Pofessor X is no longer the leader of the X-men and Cyclops has been appointed the leader of the whole mutant race after the events of M Day(a story for another time). The mutant race are now an endangered species and from race of millions, there is only 190 mutants left in the world, give or take . So to ensure the survival of the mutant race, Cyclops has had to make so really hard choices, like moving the whole mutant race on to an island just off of San Francisco and creating a black op team called X-Force who job was to eliminate any threats to the mutant before they become a problem. The team was made up from X-men that are willing to kill which included Wolverine and a few others. Since then the X-men and mutant kind have survived nearly being wiped out by Bastion(an evil mutant hating robot from the future) and the mutant is started to grow again. But the lost a two members, Nightclawer and Cyclops Son Cable. Which Wolverine still blames Cyclops for the death Nightclawer. But there is a great evil making its way to the X-men's home of Utopia . A threat so big, it's going to split the X-men in half. Something so big, It's going to make Cyclops and his most loyal soldier Wolverine want to kill each other and go two different ways. But no ones what curses this Schism between the X-men.

 This summer the X-men is going through a lot changes. Two different X-men teams, so characters are going to change and maybe the death of Cyclops. The death of Cyclops was hinted at the X-men panel. The link will be at the bottom. Come October there is going to be "The Uncanny X-men" and "Wolverine and X-men". At first we all through The Uncanny X-men would be the Cyclops faction but Marvel released a preview of Uncanny X-men #1 and there was no signs of Cyclops. So does this mean the only living Summers family member will be Alex, who is lost in space somewhere.  We gotta wait for Schism #5 to find out

Should Cyclops die? What tell me what you think

Kyle @Johnnytimpulse

SDCC 2011: Jurassic Park 4

More news from San Diego as Steven Spielberg talks about the current development of Jurassic Park 4. 
Talking at the Tin Tin panel, Spielberg spoke of working on JP4 for a decade now and that scripts had been written but thrown out. He is now working on it again and says he has found a suitable screen writer, who is still to be named. 
Once this project gets the green light I for one will be keeping a close eye on it. 
I'm @GeorgeK1988 and you stay classy San Diego!
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Horrible Bosses review

Move over Stu, Alan, Phil and Mr Chow there are some new guys in town and these ones are lethal. Well almost.
Ok so there could have been snappier titles, but let's be honest it's to the point, these guys are just plain horrible. Jennifer Aniston plays a sex pest dentist who harasses her dental nurse assistant but don't you dare say that it isn't that bad! Because there are apparently some men that don't want to see her running around in knickers (really...I know right) and Dale is one of them. So obviously she needs to die, along with his friend Kurt's Boss, a complete slime ball who's creeped out by men in wheelchairs and spends to much time with ladyboys (which is a legit lifestyle choice by the way) played by the surprisingly funny Colin Farrel. And let's not forget the crazy funny and crazy scary Kevin spacey who plays the best egotistical maniac in a while, who completely terrorises their friend nick. 
But first these three guys are going to need a murder consultant because a guy who does the correct kind of 'wet work' is hard to find and Jamie Foxx is that guy and one bad ass mother, so bad his name is actually mother fucker jones (yes, you read that right). And as you guessed it, hilarious consequences follow. And follow they do. If you watch one comedy this year let it be Horrible Bosses, or else.
Horrible Bosses hitting screens 22 July
@_KayMD_ (Kay)  signing off!

SDCC: CM Punk crashes the WWE/Mattel panel and confronts Triple H

During the WWE/Mattel panel at San Diego Comic-Con, CM Punk who recently left the WWE  and left with the WWE title decided to storm the panel with a megaphone and confront Triple H, who is now in charge of the WWE as Vince McMahon was "fired" on Monday. CM Punk poked fun at Wrestling and went on to ask why Zack Ryder ain't on TV yet. Before tell Triple H that how can they crown a new WWE champ when he is still the champ. Whether or not this was planned out is unsure. Here is the video and tell us what you think


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

DC Universe online: Green Lantern Update

DC recent announced that there will be a add-on for DC Universe Online which centers around the Lantern Corps. The trailer which will be posted below shows the Green Lantern Corp (Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner but no John Steward) teaming up with the created characters fighting Sinestro and  Atroctius (the leader of the Red Lantern Corp for those who don't know) in space. This add on also includes a new power set. Now your character can have a power ring but you can only get the Green or Yellow ring. But who knows, they may add the others later. This add-on will cost $10 but they haven't announced the English price.


SDCC 11: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 roster leaked already

Its not even been a day and the roster for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has already been leaked. Capcom haven't said whether or not this roster is correct but from the looks of it, it maybe. But i hope that it is wrong because some of the character seem pretty pointless. My only question is where is Cyclops and why is Rocket Raccoon in this instead? Here is a link to the leaked roster and tell us what do you think of the new additions to the game.


SDCC: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

More exciting news coming out of San Diego. This morning Capcom announced that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be hitting the streets in November. This version will include 12 new characters, 8 new stages and a refined combat systems. From what i have seen, the graphics and visuals have changed a bit. But it still looks great. So far they have announced 4 characters. 2 marvel character and 2 Capcom characters. The marvel characters they have announced are Hawkeye and Ghost Rider who both are in movies next year and on the Capcom side, we have Strider Hiryu and FireBrand (some character from Ghost and Goblins).

I wonder who else is going to be in this game. Hopefully Cyclops turns up as he was next in the previous version. So fingers crossed??

Who would you like to appear in the game? Leave a comment


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Amazing Spider-man and The Avengers "Leaked" trailers

San Diego Comic-con is here and with it a host of juicy news. Two I find very interesting are the teaser trailers for The Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man.

First off the Amazing Spider-Man, "leaked" this morning it automatically indicates Sony and Columbia Pictures are doing a "Nolan" and making this reboot a darker, much more serious film. Some refer to it as quite "emo" but I wouldn't agree, it's about a kid who loses his parents, lives with his uncle and aunt then becomes the reason his uncle is murdered and all while having the powers of a spider.....that shits pretty dark! The teaser looks great, but with it's low-quality it's pretty hard to make out what is going on in certain scenes. One thing this teaser contains is the "Spidey-view" which puts you into the mind of Parker whilst he is's pretty cool as it reminds me of the gameplay of Mirror's Edge but depending on if it's solely for the trailer or if it's used in the film, it may get boring....unless we see a pretty bad-ass fight scene with combos-a-plenty!! More news to come!

Now from what I have seen of the ultra-low quality of the Avengers trailer is exactly what I expected to see.....all of the Avengers and their villain. I'll admit that it's pretty cool to finally see the Avengers on the big screen, something DC wont do with the Justice league for a good while but I wonder if maybe this film may be too much. All these big names on screen may spell trouble in term of screen time, but in all fairness there is only one way to find out...