Friday, 2 September 2011

Apollo 18 review

Houston, do we have a problem??

Going into this screening I didn't know what to expect, I mean I knew what the film was about and how the story would be told (first hand accounts using "lost footage") but I didn't know if I was excited or what. 

I'm a big space nut, so when I heard about this film I knew I had to watch it but wasn't sure what conspiracy they would turn to (won't give anything away) but it's a solid theory that has been going on for years.

Apollo 18 is a film based on conspiracy theories as to why we haven't been back to the moon (if we even got there in the first place) shot as though the archive footage was discovered, the story tells of three astronauts who are rocketed to the moon on a top secret mission, one the public are not meant to know about. As they go on with there mission they start to unravel a secret they were not meant to discover and all hell breaks loose.

As the film plays it no doubt has some creepy moments but nothing worth spilling your popcorn over or covering your eyes over although it does make you want to keep watching. The film is edited very well but sometimes I felt that the film going out of frame got pretty annoying (made me want to bang the side of the screen to straighten it out if I could)

The acting is great and the camera angles are great at concealing certain things but the whole time I never thought this could be real (and Timur Berbembatov's Executive producing credit fuelled the thought)

So is Apollo 18 a rocket fuelled by tension, horror and truth or does Huston have a problem? To be honest I don't know, As much as I liked it I can't help but think it won't do too well. It's a good film and like Paranormal Activity people may believe it is real but I can't see this making any big waves.

Watch if you liked 'The Fourth Kind' or 'Paranormal Activity'

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