Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Films with smoking in it could get an automatic 18 band

According to The British Medical Journal, films which depict actors smoking should get an automatic 18 band.

Researchers from the UK Centre for Tobacco Control are calling for films that feature characters smoking to get the same classification as films which feature sex or violence.

Apparently children under 15 are exposed to characters that smoke from a very young age and are more likely to smoke than kids who do not watch the same films.....I personally think this is utter hogwash and refuse to believe that it's films like Lord of The Rings and 101 Dalmatians that make kids want to smoke, I mean come on! Really? Let us know what you guys think!

The full article is featured on the Guardian website: http://m.guardian.co.uk/film/2011/sep/20/smoking-films-automatic-18-rating?cat=film&type=article

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