Friday, 30 September 2011

Retreat review


A couple return to a cottage on a private island,when their relationship struggles after a miscarriage. Some generator problems and a blooded stranger with the threat of a pandemic later and we have the setting of our story.

Starring Tandie Newton (Rock n Rolla), Cillian Murphy (28 Days later) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) this film has a class cast, so the limited release and almost straight to DVD release really surprises me. Every one is on top form and delivers some fantastic performances, simply superb.

The film is tense from start till the mind blowing finale. At first it feels almost as awkward as being around an arguing couple (we all know how that feels). We watch, sometimes painfully, an awkward couple struggle around each other and then Bell arrives who actually brings the couples relationship closer, and who wouldn't get closer to their partner in times of imminent death by apparent viral disease or crazy stranger?

Good story, well written but with some predictable dialogue. This story has more twists and turns then a fusilli pasta shape. All in all it was a great film with a small but fantastic cast. It appears that sometimes film goers, less is definitely more. And this movie is more (does that make sense? I hope you at least get what I'm trying to say). If you like tense, thrillers with some delicious home grown talent, watch this film!

Retreat- running time 82 minutes

Limited release on 14th October with DVD release on 17th by Sony Home Ent.

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