Tuesday, 13 September 2011


If you haven't heard by now, Hollywood execs plan to remake a number of films and low and behold in 3D!!

The biggest one to piss me off personally?? Top Gun....yes you read correctly and to save you from re-reading I'll type it again...Top Gun.

You know, the film starring Tom Cruise as Maverick with his flight partner and as many may say Homosexual life partner Goose. The film about fighter pilots yet manages to be more feminine than all the Sex in the City series and movies rolled into one? The film with possibly the most annoying theme song in the history of theme songs? 

My beef isn't with them re-making this film... But What in God's name gave these guys the idea to do it in 3 f***ing D??? 

Jurassic Park? Who wouldn't wanna see T-Rex Chase down an Ingen jeep or a Triceratops battle with Raptors?

GhostBusters? A 3D Slimer yeh why not?

But Top Gun??? Really?? Tom Cruise (or some wanna be cruise) spending more time on a bike than a jet?? Come one man, that's weak. All I'm saying is there better be more dog fights in this film.

I'm @GeorgeK1988 and hearing this news almost took my breath away.

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