Thursday, 15 September 2011

Finally after 6 years. DEAD OR ALIVE 5 is finally coming out

I don't but i really excited to find out that DEAD OR ALIVE 5 is actually coming out. I have been a fan of the DOA series for the last 14 years. When i first played it in the arcades and i ain't gonna lie and say the game play was the main reason i played it at as 11 year old. It was the bouncing boobies. You can't really blame me. I was a 11 year old boy. But it wasn't till DOA 2 came out on the Dreamcast i started to take the game seriously and since then i have bought every game since. DOA 2 on the Dreamcast, DOA 2:Hardcore on the Playstation 2, DOA 3 on the Xbox, DOA:Ultimate on the Xbox which was just a remake of DOA 2, DOA Volley ball and DOA 4. Each game i put a lot of man-hours in too. I even watched the Film which everyone hates but i actually liked it. I was a lot better then the Tekken Movie.

So when i found out DOA 5 was coming out i get so excited and that was like 3 years ago. I started to think that Team Ninja was lying to me and i kinda forgot. Then DOA Dimension came out on the Nintendo 3DS. I know DOA 5 would be on the way and i wake up this morning there it was a trailer. A trailer they showed at The Tokyo Game Show. All i can say is that the trailer looks AWESOME. TEAM Ninja said that in DOA 5 the fighting will center around using the stage to win. Everything on the stage can be used as a weapon. There is no word on when its going to come out but i know its some time next year.

Am off to watch the trailer again but am going to leave you with a little gift.

Kyle @johnnyTimpulse

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