Monday, 22 August 2011

Conann the Barbarian Review by Ms Kay

Blood, boobs and barbarians. What more could you ask for in an action film? Maybe a fantasy world and half the cast of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra? Well if that’s what you are after then this is the film for you.

Little Leo Howard (played a young Snake Eyes in GI Joe) kicks starts this movie as young Conan and quite literally throws down everyone and every doubt towards this movie (this kid has some mad skills). Now, by no means is this film a piece of ground breaking cinema but if you want a film you can watch with minimal thinking, this is it. Jason Momoa who plays a more ‘charismatic’ version of Conan then his predecessor Arnie, well, that’s how he and director Marcus Nispel describe the rebooted character, Check out the interview definitely more than looks the part.

The movie follows Conan on a quest to avenge his tribe and more so his father (Hellboy’s Ron Perlman). Conan literally fights his way through the movie, which is quite fitting as his first drink was blood. Along the way he meets Tamara (Rachel Nichols) who is the key to a supernatural lock that Khalar Zym(he killed Conans daddy) is trying to open. And of course they get it on.

I am very surprised at the 15 classification due to the sheer amount of sex and graphical violence, but then again I suppose is has some sort of historical verification (kind of...maybe...who am I kidding?). The script isn’t fantastic and the story’s a little predictable but let’s be honest you aren’t expecting anything else. If you want a fast passed film to kick back and relax to, this is for you. How else would you want to spend your down time?

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