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The Future of the X-men: New Mutants and Generation Hope

So this time am going to have a guess who going to be in New Mutants and Generation Hope. Well those who don't who the New Mutants or Generation Hope are, well basically New Mutants was the younger X-men who was introduced back in the 80's who got trained by some of the older X-men like Cyclops, Wolverine and Magneto. Don't worry Magneto was a good guy at the time. Which then, they have grown up have changed their  groups name a couple of times and even changed their roster but now most of the original New Mutants are back like Cannonball, Sunspot, Danni Moonstone, Magma, Cypher, Warlock, Karma.and Magik. But now there are more like a X-men's hit squad. Who goes out and ties up the X-men's loose ends.

Generation Hope are little more harder to explain. So am gonna give it a short. A few years ago The Mutant race went from over a millions to less then 200 mutants thanks to the Scarlet Witch. The 5 years later the first Mutant child was born who everyone called the Mutant Messiah, lots of people tried to kill the baby until Cyclops yet Cable take the baby to future so he could train her and keep her safe and raised her as his own daughter and named her Hope, until former X-man Bishop who went crazy chased them around time, until Hope told Bishop she was ready to return to her own time, a big battle happened. Nightclawer and Cable dead. But now new mutants are popping up and its Hope's job to go and find them while trying to learn how to be a teenage girl. So far she has found 5 new mutants which have been dubbed "The 5 lights" I hope that helps you understand Generation Hope because that has confused me. So lets more on

New Mutants

First things first, it looks like Kerion Gillen ain't going to writing Generation Hope anymore and  James Asmus, who has recently written some X-men books in the past and the artist on the book is Ibraim Roberson who has worked on New Mutants in the past. From what i can remember his art is really good. From this teaser poster, the roster hasn't really changed. The blacked out characters are Teon, Transonic, Velocidad, Oya, Zero and Hope. The only change is that Sebastian Shaw. Who am guessing is going to be their teacher as Emma Frost erased his memories. But i don't know if am gonna pick up this title every month or just wait for it to be collected.

New Mutants

New Mutants is still going to be written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning who are best known for their Cosmic stuff in the Marvel Universe. The art is by David Lopez who has worked on several DC titles. I started picking up New Mutants after Zeb Wells left back in April but am planning on picking it up in trade paperback soon.
So as we can see, Nate Grey aka X-man, Cyclops' son from another reality is on the team and it looks like he has hit the gym. But i doubt he is the leader of the team as he is slightly crazy but he is working on getting better. Now for the blacked out characters. The blacked out character closest to the screen has to be Warlock as no-one else in the X-men looks like him. Then next to Warlock might be Sunspot, another classic New Mutant member. I think its him because of the spots coming off of him. The blacked out figure next to Sunspot might be Cypher as his hair is a dead give away. The blacked out figure on X-man right might be Danni Moonstar or Magik. Because they are the only members of the team that uses weapons.

Next i will guess who's on the Uncanny X-Force and the X-Men Legacy

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