Monday, 8 August 2011

*Spoiler:* There is a new Spider-man in town and people ain't to happy about it

For those don't already know, Last month in issue #160 of Ultimate Comics: Spider-man. The friendly neighborhood Spider-man died in a epic battle with the Green Goblin while saving his family. At first i believed that Marvel wouldn't actually kill Peter and they was actually going to kill his Clone that S.H.I.E.L.D has in custody. But i was wrong and hit off to Marvel for actually doing it and i ain't going to lie reading issue 160 and the aftermath issues  called Ultimate Fallout: Spider-man no more nearly made me wanna cry. The funeral issue was pretty sad, there on page where Aunt May met a girl that Peter saved from a fire when she was a baby and asked Aunt May if she needed a hug. It was pretty emotional. I say its a must read, wait till next month a pick up the trade. Then in issue 4 we find out who the new Spider-man is and he is Miles Morales and he is half Black and half Hispanic. Not much is actually known about Miles as he just been introduced to the Ultimate World. But people already have a problem with Miles. Lots of people are up in arms because Miles is Bi-racial. Some people believe that Spider-man should be white. Personally i think people are just scared of change. That's the main reason why i like the Ultimate Universe, everything changes. If you don't like change, you should just stick to the main Marvel Universe where Peter Parker is still Spider-man. It really gets under my skin when you get the mainstream media bitching and moaning about comics when they have no idea what they are talking about and just foam from the mouth. They did the same thing when the Human Torch died and when Superman said he wasn't American. Just moaning about nothing. I can't wait until the new series start this month along with Ultimate X-men and the New Ultimates both written by All Star writers and artist. I wish Miles the best of luck and hopefully he last more then a year.

All hail Spidey Kyle @johnnyTimpulse

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