Tuesday, 23 August 2011

World War Z finally has pictures

As a few of you may know, Brad Pitt has been in Glasgow filming his next movie World War Z, a zombie film based on a novel by Max Brooks.
although we may have seen pics of Glasgow being made up to look like Philadelphia, with american police cars and military vehicles sprinkled about the place we hadn't seen any actual Zombies.... until now.  

courtesy of Ain't It Cool News pictures have emerged of Zombies...well dead zombies anyway. The prop dummies are made up to look like zombie corpses, with the blue discoloration around the mouth which is likely to be the Solanum Virus which causes the outbreak.

Zombies are in at the moment and we cant get enough of them!!!

I'm @GeorgeK1988 and i wont hesitate to kill you if you get bitten....just saying 

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