Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Inbetweeners: The Movie Review

So after just three seasons of the Inbetweeners it is coming to an end, but not before the guys get together for one last time in the much awaited Inbetweeners movie. 

It's pretty much the same format as the show, so it's worked out to be a long episode but all that means is more of our favourite lads Will, Jay, Niel and Simon. 

The boys are off to Malia and for a holiday of sun, sea, sand, sex ,booze and a few more things along those lines. 

Those who aren't familiar with the show will still be able to jump in and get as many laughs as die hard fans will. Things do get a little more cringeworthy then in the series and I did at points i did get a bit embarrassed.

So basically its a lads holiday film, which women can enjoy just as mich. This film is hilarious and i would recomend it to anyone who has been on a clubbing holiday to give this a watch, you'll notice so many situations that we've unfortunatly all been through.

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