Friday, 5 August 2011

Super 8 review by Mr George

When I first heard that Spielberg was producing a JJ Abrams film I wasn't sure what to think, I just knew it would be big. And I was right! 

There is only one way to describe 'Super 8', it's 'The Goonies' Meets 'Cloverfield' (and I'm sure that's how Abrams pitched it to Spielberg) 

The film is about a group of kids in the 70s who are making a film and accidentally film a train wreck on their Super 8 camera which unravels a secret the US AirForce wanted kept quiet. What's the secret you ask? I'll let you find out when you watch it. 

I can honestly say I've been waiting for a film like this for a very long time, I am a huge fan of The Goonies and this film really does use the same outline when it comes to the child characters, bits of Mouth and Chunk are seen throughout the film which not only adds to comedic value but allows fans of 80's films to really give the same feel we get when we watch our favourite kids films now. 

The kids are hilarious, the effects are amazing and the direction is pure. Abrams really did well with this one. As you would think, there are plenty Spielberg references and influences throughout the film, from families bickering in the background ("Close Encounters") to the kids racing through the streets on their bikes ( "ET" "Goonies") and don't forget shadow shots ("Indiana Jones") but dint let that distract you from Abrams ability to conceal what is shown and show what is concealed....sounds confusing, but you'll know what I mean when you see the film.

This really is an awesome movie, deemed to be a classic, the sort of film that will inspire kids to become film-makers (much like 'Goonies' making me want to be a pirate!!)

The music, like the film is beautiful and moving. It's not too long too which is perfect for any parents with restless kids. 

I highly recommend this film, it's for everyone!!


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