Friday, 5 August 2011

The WWE are at it again

So WWE has cut Vladimir Koslov, Melina, Chris Masters and DH Smith from the roster? Not surprised, they tend to get rid of the good ones and keep the crap ones! Look at Mickey James then look at Alicia Fox, look at any of the Nexus now look at Batista. What's the deal? The WWE really need to sort themselves out. Melina was one of the few Women wrestlers that can actually wrestle. But yet they decide to focus on female wrestlers like Alicia Fox and the Bella twins who can't wrestle at all. They get noticed because their "T&A" and because they are ultra skinny. Then when it comes to male wrestlers, they like to push the big guys like Batista who again can't really wrestle at all and who was pretty lame on the mic as well. But some how he was 5 time world heavy champion. Bigger is not always better. When will they learn this. But to be honest Chris Masters wasn't a good wrestler either.

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a combine effect by the tag team champs Kyle ( @JohnnyTimpulse) and George ( @Georgek1988 )

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