Saturday, 13 August 2011

Thundercat HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Thundercats are back on TV and you know what? It's snarfin' epic!! I've see. The first 3 episodes on YouTube and they are better than I expected. The animation is awesome, choosing to go with an anime-style show however not quite the glorious japanimation we love as you can clearly see the western influences in it too. 

The show takes off continuing from the 80s cartoon, with the original Thundercats being long passed dead and their ancestors now ruling Thundera in a glorious and massive city, although the characters all seemed to have been named after the 80s characters which may be a plot hole but meh! Anyways there is slot of action and the history and mythos of the thundercats are there from the beginning.

What I did notice was possibly a theme to every episode referring to classic stories we all know and love. The first two episodes used the Trojan War and the famous Trojan Horse as a template, the third episode was based on the story of Moby Dick. So will this be a reoccurring theme? I hope so as it brings something different yet familiar and also will teach kids something about history and even classical literature.

It's a great cartoon and I hope it gets better, should be airing on Cartoon Network on the 5th of September in the UK so keep an eye out.

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