Friday, 26 August 2011

CW are planning to do a show about the DC character Deadman

So after DC and NBC failed with the Wonder Woman tv show. It looks like they are taking another stabbed at it but this time with Deadman. For those who don't know. Deadman aka Boston Brand was a man who got murdered and came back as a ghost but no-one can see or hear him but he has the power to take over a living person's body. There is no say on when this show with come out, but am guessing sometime next year. The only big name attached to this project is Eric Kripke who is the writer of the TV show Supernatural. So i have a feeling that Deadman is going to be a mixture of Supernatural and Quantum Leap. Jumping from body to body, trying to find his way back home expect Deadman is trying to find his killer and get in to heaven.

Well am off to go and find my killer so i can get in to heaven. Until next time. Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

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