Thursday, 4 August 2011

Spider-sense is tingling for Mark Webb's spider-vision‏

Anyone who has seen the 'Amazing Spider-man' trailer remembers the "Spider-Vision"at the end, you know, the 'Mirror's Edge' style shot of Spidey web slingin' through the city? Well that went down with mixed reviews. Some liked it, some hate it and never want to see it again...well guess what haters? Bad news as Mark Webb told MTV that it will be quite predominant in the film to immerse the audience into feeling how Spidey feels....happy with that? How about seeing it in 3D? Yep that's happening too.
I for one hope it's put to better use, like during a fight scene with the villain, or making out with MJ (that's a joke) there's only one way we'll know for sure...wait till next year to watch it!!
I'm @GeorgeK1988 your friendly neighbourhood ah who am I kidding? 

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