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The Future of the X-men: Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine and the X-me

Well thanks to Marvel comics am going to be a poor man in October and November as they relaunch the X-Universe after the effects of Fear Itself and Schism. New teams are going to form, so X-men are going to leave and Cyclops might die. Which i hope he doesn't die as i have a feeling they won't ever bring him back. Because Marvel secretly hates me and never wants me to be happy. But that's a story for another day. Anyways, for the last 2 weeks Marvel have be releasing teaser poster of the new X-men titles and X-teams but a lot of the characters are blacked out and am going to try and guess who is who which i may fail at.

Uncanny X-men

 So from November the Uncanny X-men is getting a shiny brand new number 1 as it marks a new era of the Children of the Atom. It's still going to be written by England's own Kieron Gillen and art by Carlos Pacheco who drew the first issue of Schism. The only character that you can see and who ain't blacked out is Emma Frost. I know one of the blacked out characters is Magneto (far left) as the helmet and cape kinda gives it away. On Emma's left is Iceman, am guessing it's him from all the jagged things coming off of him. On Emma's far right am guessing that big bulky guy is The Unstoppable Colossus after making a deal with Cyttorak, the person who give the Juggernaut his powers. So he could save his friends during Fear Itself or Juggernaut might be coming back to the X-men. There are 2 more people but i can't tell who they are. One of them could actually be Cyclops but only time will tell.

Wolverine and X-men

So this title starts in October. From what i have heard, Wolverine and his band of X-men are going back to New York to set up shop. This is being written by Jason Aaron who has been the Wolverine solo title for the last 2 years and the art is by Chris Bachalo who is well known in X-Universe. Well this teaser poster is a hard  one. The only i can make is Wolverine and that's because he is not blacked out. One of other them could be Iceman but i doubt he could be on both teams but hey if Wolverine and Spider-man can be on 3 teams i guess Iceman could. I think of them could actually be Nate Grey but then again i could be completely wrong. Hopefully by the end of Schism Marvel will tell us who is who.

Tomorrow i will guess who's on the other X-men teams

Personally i can't wait till October

Kyle @JohnnyTimpulse

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